50 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix Streaming in July

50. Stuck in Love (2012)

Stuck in Love (2012)

Watch on Netflix (96 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance NFB Rating: 6.008 IMDB Rating: 7.30 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.90Actors: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff Director: Josh Boone

Plot: Meet the Borgens. William Borgens is an acclaimed author who hasn't written a word since his ex-wife Erica left him 3 years ago for another man. In between spying on Erica and casual romps with his married neighbour Tricia, Bill is dealing with the complexities of raising his teenage children Samantha and Rusty. Samantha is publishing her first novel and is determined to avoid love at all costs - after all she's seen what it has done to her parents. In between hook ups, she meets "nice guy" Lou who will stop at nothing to win her over. Rusty, is an aspiring fantasy writer and Stephen King aficionado, who is on a quest to gain 'life experiences'. He falls for the beautiful, but troubled Kate and gets his first taste of love and a broken heart. A tale of family, love (lost and found), and how endings can make new beginnings. There are no rewrites in life, only second chances.

49. Comet (2014)

Comet (2014)

Watch on Netflix (91 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance NFB Rating: 6.025 IMDB Rating: 6.70 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.40Actors: Justin Long, Kayla Servi, Eric Winter, Emmy Rossum Director: Sam Esmail

Plot: Set in a parallel universe, Comet bounces back and forth over the course of an unlikely but perfectly paired couple's six-year relationship.

48. The Young Kieslowski (2014)

The Young Kieslowski (2014)

Watch on Netflix (94 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance NFB Rating: 6.028 IMDB Rating: 7.00 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.20Actors: Ryan Malgarini, Haley Lu Richardson, Joshua Malina, Melora Walters Director: Kerem Sanga

Plot: Two nerdy Caltech students hook up and end up on a journey throughout California after they find out one is pregnant with the other's twins.

47. Elizabethtown (2005)

Elizabethtown (2005)

Watch on Netflix (123 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance NFB Rating: 6.081 IMDB Rating: 6.40 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 4.70Actors: Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin Director: Cameron Crowe

Plot: After causing a loss of almost one billion dollars in his company, the shoe designer Drew Baylor decides to commit suicide. However, in the exact moment of his act of despair, he receives a phone call from his sister telling him that his beloved father had just died in Elizabethtown, and he should bring him back since his mother had problem with the relatives of his father. He travels in an empty red eye flight and meets the attendant Claire Colburn, who changes his view and perspective of life.

46. Burying the Ex (2014)

Burying the Ex (2014)

Watch on Netflix (89 min)
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Romance NFB Rating: 6.131 IMDB Rating: 5.40 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 4.50Actors: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario, Oliver Cooper Director: Joe Dante

Plot: A guy's regrets over moving in with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies and comes back as a zombie.

45. A.C.O.D. (2013)

A.C.O.D. (2013)

Watch on Netflix (87 min)
Genre: Comedy NFB Rating: 6.141 IMDB Rating: 5.70 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.50Actors: Adam Scott, Richard Jenkins, Catherine O'Hara, Amy Poehler Director: Stu Zicherman

Plot: A grown man caught in the crossfire of his parents' 15-year divorce discovers he was unknowingly part of a study on divorced children and is enlisted in a follow-up years later, which wreaks new havoc on his family.

44. Save the Date (2012)

Save the Date (2012)

Watch on Netflix (96 min)
Genre: Comedy, Romance NFB Rating: 6.173 IMDB Rating: 5.70 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.50Actors: Lizzy Caplan, Alison Brie, Martin Starr, Geoffrey Arend Director: Michael Mohan

Plot: Sarah begins to confront her shortcomings after she rejects her boyfriend's hasty proposal and soon finds herself in a rebound romance. Meanwhile, her sister Beth is immersed in the details of her wedding.

43. Man Up (2015)

Man Up (2015)

Watch on Netflix (88 min)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance NFB Rating: 6.273 IMDB Rating: 6.80 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 6.20Actors: Keir Charles, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Lake Bell, Robert Wilfort Director: Ben Palmer

Plot: A 34 year old single woman, Nancy, hung-over again, exhausted by the endless fruitless set ups by her friends, traveling across London to toast another 10 years of her parent's successful happy magical marriage runs in with a 40 year old divorcee, Jack, who mistakes her for his 24 year old blind date. Nancy, deciding to go with it, happens to hop on the most chaotic yet hilarious journey of her life which neither of them will ever forget. There is drinking, truths, an old stalker class mate with long a standing crush, lost divorce papers, lost hopes, competitive indoor sports and yeah Jack finding out the truth that Nancy isn't his blind date. 'Man Up' a romantic comedy about taking chances, finding about being yourself, making decisions and rolling with the consequences.

42. Eagle vs. Shark (2007)

Eagle vs. Shark (2007)

Watch on Netflix (87 min)
Genre: Comedy, Romance NFB Rating: 6.279 IMDB Rating: 6.80 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.60Actors: Loren Taylor, Jemaine Clement, Joel Tobeck, Brian Sergent Director: Taika Waititi

Plot: Eagle vs Shark is the tale of two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games.

41. The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host (2010)

Watch on Netflix (92 min)
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Thriller NFB Rating: 6.348 IMDB Rating: 6.80 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 5.10Actors: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Tyrees Allen, Cooper Barnes Director: Nick Tomnay

Plot: Injured after committing a bank robbery, John Taylor is desperate to find a place to hide out and approaches the home of Warick Wilson. John manages to get himself invited into the house by posing as a friend of a friend and spinning a sob story of lost luggage and a violent mugging. Inside, Warick, a consummate host, is making the final preparations for an impeccable dinner party. He insists John stay for the party, but as the evening begins it becomes obvious Warick may not be what he first appears.


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